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Oct 22, 2010 8:00pm PDT
television advertising, he has picked up some ground against pat toomey, the conservative tea party republican. pat toomey was tea party before there was a tea party. gwen: before tea party was cool. >> before it was invented, never mind cool. and the polls show that race is now neck-and-neck, a dead heat. what's going on there is the big mystery. part of it is that democrats who actually have a registration edge in pennsylvania -- there are more democrats than republican although some of them vote republican on election day -- democrats are coming back to the fold a little bit. some of this you would have expected all along, but -- and everybody expected this race to narrow up a little bit. but part of it is, one of the things you saw in those ads but also in the debate clip, negative advertising. every voter hates negative advertising but every politician knows that negative advertising works and sestak has hammered away charging that pat toomey, the conservative tea party republican, would cut social security, privatize social security is one charge, of course, a long story we c
Oct 18, 2010 1:00pm EDT
you for joining us. let's start with the senate race, joe sestak and pat toomey. this is a fairly recent ad. >> i'm joe sestak, and this is bill. my family loves bill, but she can make a mess, and we have to clean it up, i think about belle when i see pat toomey's ads attacking me. now pat toomey is attacking me for cleaning up his mess. >> have we reached a new level here in campaign advertising? >> well, it's sort of cute. >> it's sort of cute? what part of that was sort of cute? i guess the dog was cute. >> the dog was cute. no cute. and the point is is a good one. i think that it's fair to remind voters that when joe sestak, when barack obama, when they came into power, they were dealt a hand of cards that was brutal. and it was a mess left by policies that pat toomey had supported. so i think the thrust of it is fair. i'm not sure i would have run it, but the thrust of it was fair. >> now, why is joe sestak behind? you've got a 1.2 million democratic registration edge in pa. and yet, sestak has trailed toomey for -- throughout this campaign. what is the problem here? is it ba
Oct 24, 2010 10:30am EDT
.s. senate race -- the candidates, joe sestak, and pat toomey, are meeting for the second time. it is taking place in pittsburgh. it is about one hour. >> good evening. the current senate seat is held by arlen specter, but he will no longer be a long-running and have them. this is a debate between republican pat toomey of allentown, pa., and a democrat congressman, joe sestak. we have had quite a flip to see the will go first on closing and opening statements -- congressman joe sestak will lead off in both. the answers will be one minute for questions. all of them will come from me, facebookas from wpxi's page. we also sent out to cameron got some video tape questions from you downtown in pittsburgh. let's get things started. we begin with joe sestak. >> thank you, david. we know the challenges to our state and this nation. tonight you have two men who have been shaped by different experiences in life, have different values on how to approach the challenges. pat toomey has come from wall street and washington, d.c. where he believes the answer can be found by giving breaks to large corporati
Oct 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. small donors filled about one-third of the cefts chest of pat toomey and tony rubio. and more than half of the early donations given to joe miller and sharon angle. the tea partiers are getting a fair share from big donors, too. their top supporter is the fiscally conservative club for growth, which is paying for ads like this. >> club for growth pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> reporter: who is the muscle behind the club for growth? the club for growth gets a lot of its contributions from retirees, and these are not your average pensioners. these are people who former c.e.o.s or leaders in industry. >> reporter: the club for growth has been around 11 years and supported republicans long before there was a tea party. this year, its tom three beneficiaries are tea party-backed republicans running for senate, including nearly $700,000 for pat toomey. legal last year, he happened to be president of the club for growth. but if it's small donors setting apart the midterms, it's not exclusive to the tea party. senator russ fine gold, a democrat, has raised 42% from p
Oct 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. the former navy admirable, joe sest sestak, has caught the republican candidate, pat toomey, in the latest polls. we've got joe sestak here and ready to go. plus, is it really that hard for a republican candidate to name a single senator across the aisle? christine o'donnell it was. we'll get to that and our look at the race for the senate. and president obama and former president bill clinton hit the campaign trail to excite the democratic base. that's ahead. here we are, by the way, bringing a national television show to temple university in philadelphia with the democratic candidate for u.s. senate, congressman joe sestak. congressman sestak, sometimes an opponent sticks his chin and and all you have to do the punch it. here's pat toomey proving how much he believes in the private market and doesn't believe in government action. here he is on "morning joe" with kurt anderson saying he would do nothing to save the steel industry of pennsylvania. >> so, it was right for the steal industry to go away? >> it had a lot of problems. some of which were self-inflicted, some from labor contracts
Oct 21, 2010 1:00pm EDT
is joe sestak. >> democratic candidate joe sestak and republican pat toomey vying for the senate in pennsylvania, each seeking to describe the other as extremist. of course during the debate last night, they face off for the second time tomorrow night in pittsburgh. it's a race getting closer and closer tonight. right now of toomey ahead, sestak closing, though some people think that voter turnout will not really help sestak as much as he needs. but how do you see this when you look at this campaign, both these guys describing each other as extremists, but pat toomey has moved very much toward the center of the campaign from previous campaigns. >> he clearly has. he was sort of the tea party before the tea party was cool, because when he ran previously against specter and lost. and this time sort of the electorate and the mood of the country has caught up to him. he's riding the wave. what democrats are hoping for is the enthusiasm gap will close not just in this race, but in senate races, as more democrats start to pay attention, i think this will be a turnout battle, and it wil
Oct 24, 2010 8:00am EDT
when year being dishonest, joe, i'm going to call you on it. >> the fight of pat toomey against sestak. and tomby had been leading but the gap is closing. one of the races tightening across the country. tomby will be a guest on fox news sunday and chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's show. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> and they both say we're not a proxy for the political scene and everyone is looking at them this way. >> i think it's fair to say that if tomby doesn't win it for the republicans, this is arlen specter's seat, there is no way the republicans get to the net gain of ten seats and they need to regain control of the senate. so this is a very important race for both parties on election day. you're exactly right, tomby had a lead as recently as labor day of about 8.5 points, and now down to 2 points. there are two factors there. one is the natural coming home of democrats. they get more excited as the race begins to close. and christine o'donnell, the delaware candidate, you say what does chef to do with pat toomey. and delaware is next to penns
Oct 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
pat toomey who is running in pennsylvania, if you ask them about abortion, they would say something like, look, i'm opposed to it, but i understand there are other viewpoints and move on. 15-second answer. >> ken buck gives a ten-minute answer. that's the problem in a nutshell. he is untested. he walks himself into these rhetorical traps that he can't get out of. >> michael bennett. >> michael bennett strikes me -- i can't tell you how many democrats come up to me and are just wanting -- willing michael when net bennett to win it reminds me of wofford in 1984 and the senate race. >> gosh, he was appointed to this. he's not a veteran politician. like ken buck, he's not a veteran politician but seems more comfortable and poised, understands his role a bit better. people think, gosh, he should win. but that may not happen. >> and run, i think run in terms of ads, running a terrific campaign. wins in a normal year. the one thing i would say out of that "meet the press clip" even though he has not been in washington that long, i'm not sure referencing the gdp is something that average pe
Oct 25, 2010 5:00pm EDT
to turn it over mr. ben et there. that turned red. you had pennsylvania turn over to pat toomey, joe sestak, a tight, tight race here. here in nevada if you have sharron angle giving harry reid fits out there, now, 47-47. just like that, more importantly, wolf, you know this -- part of the strategy that's worth bearing in mind, there are tight races in california where barbara boxer who's in a state long been considered completely state for democrats, she's considered completely safe is getting really a tight run from carly fiorina. as the republicans pour money into this campaign, they know that the effect is it forces democrats to put effort into protecting something they didn't want to have to protect. and where did we see that last? in president obama's campaign. they did the same thing to john mccain and hillary clinton -- forced them to defend the states they shouldn't have had to defend. and that allowed them to continue building up the lead. it doesn't take that many more people out there until you have this out on the field. what-if scenario of nine seats, wolf. that's what
Oct 7, 2010 7:00pm EDT
something more hard hitting like this. >> congressman pat toomey, he sided with wall street, voting for unfair trade deals with china. >> or this. >> he hopes that you will forget thaw voted for a republican budget to privatize medicare, that since he first ran for congress he said we should privatize social security. >> if you recognize that voice, what should democrats do and what should we make of this public review of the president's approach. republican strategist ed rolands is with us tonight. it's remarkable, your friend, james carville, stan gene berg said the president's message is okay but it's weaker than what you should be doing. lits listen to an extended comment. >> they took a record surplus and came back with a record deficit by the time i took office. now they are talking about deficit reduction. i bring this up not to relate gate the past. i just don't want to relive the past. >> now n. this memo, mr. carville and greenberg say it's very strong with african-american voters but compared to the other messages it falls very short. that message framework, meaning the p
Oct 30, 2010 8:00am EDT
-american religious leaders in philadelphia. sestak was trailing 46 to 41% from pat toomey. on the heels of that, now to ron who has more from philadelphia. good morning. and my question to you would be, these last-minute endorsements, how might they turn the tide for joe sestak? >> well, here in philadelphia, the endorsement of the black clergy organization is different because it seems to get the tone out. philadelphia is a democratic base along with pittsburgh, but more importantly philadelphia. the dynamic of the race has been that pat toomey has been leading. he's an a anti-tax, anti-big government group. he's been leading in the polls consistently. there have been a couple of polls lately, however, that have suggested that sestak might be narrowing the gap. one has him tied. one has him a point or so ahead. those are outliers. for the most part, toomey has been in the lead which is why president obama is coming here today and michelle obama is coming here monday to try and drum up the race, to spike the democratic party here in philadelphia and pennsylvania. if they hold on to the senate, this
FOX News
Oct 23, 2010 7:00pm EDT
. in pennsylvania, the race extremely height, republican pat toomey holding a slight lead over you sustak. and in alaska, another close race. and it gets down to the wire. they're holding nothing back, turning to television using it as a weapon, blitzing the air waves with ads, trying to win any undecided voters to their side. >> in pennsylvania, republican pat toomey and -- are going against each other. >> it's sad what happen to joe sestak. he served our country well, then he win to washington, dc. government healthcare and job-killing energy taxes. >> made my sick to bail out the banks about i had to clean up the necessary left behind by these guys. they let wall street run wild. now pat toomey is attack me for killing up his mess. >> joe miller wants less interference from washington, but his opponent says miller wants to shrink the federal government too much. >> the senate -- it worked to lower energy coles and create jobs for all alaskans. >> how much would that cost to eliminate the department of education, transfer federal lands, manage unemployment insurance and administer medic
Oct 30, 2010 4:00pm EDT
have pat toomey leading all along, the governor's race where the republican has been leading all along. several seats that are in jeopardy that are held by democrats. this is a state that obama won. he's essentially here trying to get out the voters who voted for him and who have not been traditional voters in the democratic pool. after the event here, the mayor here michael nutter was quoted as saying that people are starting to understand that this race here in 2010 is really about 2012 and president obama's re-election. that was a message to the people of philadelphia who voted for obama but have been pretty unenthusiastic about joe sestak, the democratic candidate for sfaet. obama has been here three times. michelle obama is coming on monday. that gives you an indication of how important democrats see trying to pull out a victory here for joe sestak who has been trailing to pat toomey. >> thank you very much, ron. let's go florida now and ron mott. you have a new angle on a story that we've been following about who was trying to talk kendrick meek into dropping out of the race. he
Oct 31, 2010 10:00am EDT
allen live in philadelphia for us. ron, the latest poll shows pat toomey leading by seven points. what is joe sestak doing in the closing days to close that gap? >> trying to excite democrats about his candidacy and get out the vote on tuesday. that's why president obama was here on yesterday. that's why michelle obama will here monday night at the university of pennsylvania as the final push goes right down to the wire. this is a state that's perhaps a metaphor for the democrats' problems in 2010. president obama won here by ten points in a state that had been trending blue for the past decade, but toomey, pat toomey has been leading consistently through the fall and sestak trailing. not only for the senate race, but the threat of republicans winning back the governorship as well and several congressional seats could go to republicans. here, they are expecting bloodbath we've been taking about to really happen in pennsylvania and to turn the state red again. joe sestak trying to get out the vote. trying to get volunteers to knock on the door. so far, his campaign has not generated the
Oct 28, 2010 5:30pm PDT
no hands or paw unshaken. even trotting out his dog, bell, to dirty up republican pat toomey. >> they let wall street run wild. now pat toomey is attacking me for cleaning up his mess. >> toomey is a former congressman and a fiscal conservative. >> we really need him in washington, so you make sure you get him across the finish line, okay? >> reporter: toomey, who led a conservative washington interest group, is campaigning as an outsider against sestak, a congressman. >> he voted for the stimulus and obama's massive health care takeover. >> reporter: if any state should be a safe halven for president obama and the democrats, even this year, it's pennsylvania. president obama carried it by ten wouldn'ts. there are 1.2 million more democrats than republicans. now it's a blue state threatening to turn red. >> i think the government is going crazy with their bailouts. >> i thought bush did a lot better job than obama is doing. >> reporter: the candidates are whacking each other for being too extreme. >> he's to the left of nancy pelosi. >> he's on the fringe of his party. >> reporter: toomey
FOX News
Oct 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
prohibited federal funding for abortion. >> all right. >> so there. >> so let's see. pat toomey, hey, you're part of reckless spending, george bush era, joe sestak, you're part of the barack obama spend and stimulus era. the fact of the matter is, though, the president of the united states didn't want joe sestak in the race. he wanted -- >> give you another joe at the white house. >> specter has been there 100 years. >> i know. it's hard to remember that's whose seat it was. it's hard to remember because he was a republican and then democrat. was there media boy as at all during that debate last night? george stephanopoulos was the moderator. >> he used to work for bill clinton. clearly he was a partisan at one point. >> anyway, he asked this question of toomey regarding sarah palin. >> sarah palin stepped up her activity this year. yesterday, she put out a notice of endorsement on facebook asking pennsylvania voters to get behind you, the democratic party put out a statement saying that you have more in line with that party. do you think she's qualified to be president? >> i think that
Oct 23, 2010 5:00am EDT
/morning call tracking poll has that race deadlocked. literally 43 points each. joe sestak and pat toomey. in the pennsylvania's governor's race, dan onorato is coming on strong trailing tom corbett by five points. corbett's lead was 15 just last month. finally to florida and the governor's race there, it's all tied up again. rick scott and alex sink the democrat both polling, boy these are getting dead evening, 45%, 45%. we'll continue to check the "hardball" scoreboard each night lead-up to november 2nd. >>> we're going to start with the exchange want williams had on fox's "the o'reilly factor" monday night. that interview follows o'reilly's talking points in which he defended his comments on "the view" earlier. let's listen. >> so where am i going wrong, juan? >> well, actually, i hate to say this to you, because i don't want to get your ego going, but i think that you're right. i think, look, political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don't address reality. i mean, look, bill i'm not a bigot. you know the kind of books that i've written about the civil rights m
Oct 24, 2010 3:30pm PDT
down with two candidates in key battlegrounds. pat toomey, the republican nominee in pennsylvania, who has seen his big lead disappear. and democratic governor joe manchin of west virginia, who is playing up his anti-obama credentials. then, juan williams speaks out. >> when i get on a plane, if i see people who are in muslim garb, i get worried, i get nervous. >> chris: and is fired by national public radio. when does political correctness become censorship? juan and our sunday regulars discuss the controversy. and our power player of the week. a different kind of sports owner. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. in the fight for control of the senate, 37 seats are in play. and republicans need a net gain of ten seats to take control. it will come down to a handful of tight contests like west virginia, where popular democratic governor joe manchin is in a close race against republican john raese. we'll have more on that battle shortly. and in pennsylvania, democrat joe sestak is trying to hold on to a seat for his party against republican p
FOX News
Oct 23, 2010 7:00am EDT
between joe sestak and joe toomey. pat toomey, 48% to 44%. joe sestak is shoring up the base and his support among unaffiliated voters, nearly double what it was earlier and this race leaning barely in the republican direction, but pennsylvania is a state strong for the democrats and fairly handily in the recent elections. >> and it will be if they get out for democrats there. if they don't, they lose. i'm going to hear you call a toss up a lot over the next week. >> i think you're right. >> and video of autistic children physically restrained at school and one mom says this controversial practice needs to be stopped. look at this, and she joins us live next. npr gets millions of your hard earned dollars and outrageous demand to pull that fund: why she says, free the taxpayer. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night
Oct 31, 2010 1:00pm EDT
pat toomey has a seven-point lead over joe sestak. other polls show the race may be closer than that. ron, what are you hearing about voter turnout and whether the president's stop at temple university, michelle obama coming tomorrow, will that get those voters inspired to vote with joe sestak, who has not been popular with organized business folks? >> he was not the party's choice in the primary, as you well know. the party wanted him to step aside and make way for arlen specter to continue, since he was so helpful to president obama in passing key legislation. now that seems to be coming back to bite joe sestak, behind in the polls consistently. a couple of polls a week or so ago that brought him even or perhaps a point or two ahead, but those seem to be outliers. on the other side, pat toomey, a republican who is a very popular candidate within his party, three-term former congressman in 1999 to 2005. there's a lot of excitement about him. less government, more jobs, simple message. >> ron allen in pennsylvania. it will be a very, very close race. now to florida's contentious thre
Oct 31, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, getting hotter. the new tracking poll has pat toomey two points ahead of joe sestak. that is in the margin of error, fans. in the state of washington, senator patty murray is leading republican dino rossi 49-45 in the new university of washington poll. she's doing well. in wisconsin, republican ron johnson, the self-financer, has a seven-point lead now. he's holding his big lead over senator russ feingold in the new marist/mcclatchy poll. look v. goery good for him. in colorado, ken buck leads appointed senator michael bennet 49 to 45. in delaware, the new monmout monmouth/gannette poll has chris coons leading christine o'donnell by 51 to 41. chris halpern and john covers politics for "new york" magazine. gentleman, you are the experts. i want you to look right now at a conversation between christian amanpour and john cornyn, who chairs, basically, the republican senate campaign committee, trying to get as many republicans elected, possibly taking over the senate this tuesday night. let's watch that interview back and forth. let's listen. >> our jon kyl, political correspondent, says basic
Oct 25, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. senate candidates there, pat toomey and joe sestak making last-minute pitches near philadelphia, fresh from their final debate in pittsburgh in this key toss-up race. >> the only time joe stood up to his party was to promote his own personal career. the fact is last year joe sestak voted with nancy pelosi 100% of the time, on everything. he accepted this entire agenda. >> one of the zainiest ideas i've heard is when he wants to eliminate all taxes for corporations. in fact, he says buying american, in his book, is an unfortunate tendency. >> congressman robert brady is chairman of the philadelphia democratic party and joins us now. hey, congressman. you've got your work cut out for you because this race, as many have in the past, will likely turn for democrat joe sestak on what the turnout is in philadelphia. >> yes, that's true. what we do in philadelphia will overcome other parts of the state that may not turn out as high as we do. you know when a candidate has a 20 or 30-point lead or behind, we don't matter. but when you're in the majority of victory, when you in the 5%, you know,
Oct 22, 2010 4:00am PDT
for obama care. >> the u.s. senate debate. >> reporter: in pennsylvania's democrat race, joe sestak and pat toomey discussed extremism. >> the stimulus, government run health care. cap and trade. >> we have someone who is really extreme that believes, for example, corporations should pay no taxes. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: barack obama smiled through a seattle coffee break. but with 12 days to go, the senate races that will determine the president's power through 2012 are as bitter as overheated espresso. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> amid the illegal uncertainty over don't ask, don't tell, the pentagon is now restricting who can expel openly gay members of the military. in a memo yesterday, defense secretary roberts gates ordered that only five people will be allowed to make such discharges as opposed to the previously hundreds that could do so. that announcement came a day after a california appeals court lift add judge's order barring the pentagon from enforcing the controversial policy. >>> those in quake ravaged haiti are threadening another crisis. a deadly disease
Oct 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
in pennsylvania for republican senate candidate pat toomey. >> we need a correction to the obama-pelosi-reid agenda. [ applause ] and the people of pennsylvania have a great chance to deliver that correction. >> reporter: hitting speaker pelosi and other congressional democratic leaders is popular with the republican rank and file. >> i am voting against all the democratic leaders that we now have in washington. the democratic leaders in congress have been rubber stamping everything that obama wants. >> reporter: president obama was in california trying to rescue embattled democratic senator barbara boxer. the president headlined a large rally on the campus of usc, delivering his now familiar standard stump speech one liners against republicans. >> these folks drove the car into the ditch. >> reporter: this campaign has become a broad referendum, not on any single person, but government itself. >> there are things that people are pointing out that the democrats could have done better, but i feel like, you know, overall in terms of the big picture, i think they're doing what they
Oct 30, 2010 5:30pm PDT
is locked in a tight battle with republican pat toomey. then it was on to connecticut, normally a solid blue state, but the president taking no chances. there to support another senate candidate dick blumenthal, and tonight here in his adoptive hometown of chicago, another big rally on another college campus, the university of chicago just a stone's throw from the house he still has here. lester, with experts now predicting a republican blowout of democrats come tuesday, much of what the president is doing this weekend is damage control, trying to minimize losses in the house, although many say the house is already gone for democrats. and try to hold on to a majority in the senate. lester? >> mike viqueira in chicago. >>> now to florida -- where earlier this week we learned that former president bill clinton leaned on the democratic candidate for senate kendrick meek to drop out of the race. now there are new reports of a bizarre offer to get meek to step aside. nbc's ron mott talked to mr. meek today, and he join us from wilton manors. ron? >> reporter: lester, good evening. they say three'
Oct 31, 2010 12:30pm PDT
. points. >> pennsylvania. >> pat toomey was supposed to win this one in a walk. it is still close. >> michelle obama is going there on monday where they are trying to energize the voter base. >> is that helping democrats? >> yes. >> wisconsin, russ feingold. still in trouble, evan/ >> tossup. >> gone. >> barbara boxer? >> the amazing storie -- stories about these two high- powered executives trying to buy more rhythm, but they just don't sell with the voters. >> jerry brown is ahead in the california governor's race. >> you don't have an advertisement talking nostalgically about how good it was in the 1980's, and then jerry brown saying, "yeah, i was governor." >> she had spent $160 million or so -- she has a turnout operation of her own. it worries me. if the races are tight -- >> kentucky looks like rand paul. finally, alaska, this is the duty. joe miller is the senate candidate, lisa murkowski gets be, but she is ahead in the polls. >> to miller has had a bad month, with charges against them having -- joe miller has had a bad month, with the charges against them haven't been di
Oct 21, 2010 4:30am EDT
gubernatorial debates and a senate debate in pennsylvania between the candidates, joes joe sessek and pat toomey. that got testy over the issue of terrorism. sestek says he wants the 9/11 terrorist brought to justice. toomey said his opponent supports a civil trial for the mastermind behind 9/11. lynn. >> tracie potts in washington, tracie, thanks so much. >>> the national association for the advancement of colored people released a controversial report wednesday accusing some tea party members of racism. the study was written by the institution for research on education on human rights which describes itself as dedicated and examining against racist and anti-sa mettic and far right social movement. the study concluded that tea party groups have given platforms to racists and bigots. however, the report also includes a foreword by the naacp's president calling the vast majority of tea party supporters, quote, sincered principled people. critics say this is an attempt to rally african-american voters ahead of midterm elections. >>> and now here is another look at stories making news early today i
Oct 21, 2010 7:00am EDT
democrats and seems to have worked. both parties acknowledge pat toomey's lead over democratic joe sestak has nearly vanished. wednesday night, the two disagreed over government bailouts and social security. the most heated exchange was over federal funding for abortion. >> the extreme view is the view held by the tiny minority in congress in pennsylvania and american society that believes there should be no restrictions whatsoever, taxpayers should fund abortions as joe sestak advocates. >> i voted against taxpayers funding it and you know it, congressman. >> when you're being dishonest, joe, i will call you on it. >> may i have my time back? >> go ahead. >> i voted against it. >> joe is either seriously misremembering or simply being dishonest. >> in fact, both men are right and both men are wrong. >> joe sestak voted for the health care law that did not include federal funding for abortion but congressman sestak did not vote for the so-called stupak amendment which was what was added to the health care law before the second time congressman sestak voted. at this point, matt, i turn it
Oct 22, 2010 4:30am EDT
: in pennsylvania's democrat race, pat toomey and joe sestak discussed extremism. >> the stimulus, government run health care. >> we have someone who is really extreme that believes, for example, corporations should pay no taxes. . >> hey, guys. >> reporter: barack obama smiled through a seattle coffee break. but with 12 days to go, the senate races that will determine the president's power through 2012 are as bitter as overheatedes ando. >>> amid the illegal uncertainty over don't ask, don't tell, the pentagon is now restricting who can expel openly gay military. in a memo yesterday, defense secretary roberts gates ordered that only five people will be allowed to make such discharges as opposed to the previously hundreds that could do so. that announcement came a day after a panel of judges lifted the order. >>> those in haiti have a deadly disease wreaking havoc on the region. a bacterial outbreak has taken the lives of at least 135 people and sickened 1500 more in parts of rural central haiti. health workers are awaiting test results, but they expect the devastating disease could be cholera. c
Oct 29, 2010 8:30pm EDT
, republican pat toomey, democrat joe sestak. >> he was supposed to win this one in a walk. it is very close. >> you have michelle obama going in philadelphia on monday to energize the base. >> is the first lady helping democrats? >> yes. >> wisconsin, russ feingold. still in trouble? >> tossup. >> gone. >> california out. for a while to look good for boxer. >> better. >> amazing story about these two high-powered executives and going out there and trying to buy -- they just don't sell with the voters. >> jerry brown is ahead in the governor's race. >> you do not have an advertisement that talks nostalgically about the 1980's and how good it was and then have jerry brown come out with another advertisement and say, "i was governor than at." [laughter] >> meg whitman has spent $165 million or so -- >> we can talk about money later. >> ok, but she has to turn out operation of her own, and worries me. >> 10 points behind. >> kentucky looks like rand paul. finally, alaska. joe miller is the sarah palin candidate, lisa murkowski gets beat, but she is a write-in and she is ahead in the polls. >> j
Oct 18, 2010 4:30am EDT
-party backed republicans running for senate, including nearly $700,000 for pat toomey. until last year, he happened to be president of the club for growth. but is it small donors setting apart the midterms it's not exclusive to the tea party. senator russ feingold, a democrat, has raised 42% from people giving $200 or less. his opponent, a tea party-backed candidate named ron johnson who's become his own big donor. he's injected $4.4 million of his own fortune into his campaign. sharyl attkisson, cbs news, washington. >>> this is the "cbs morning news." cbs news, washington. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [low audio] >>> well, it's going to be cooler today. we have pleasant conditions that are going to be history. we have clear skies in the region now. we have a front draped over the area and that allows moisture to get in here tonight. we'll be gray and damp through wednesday. the wind wills clear out and we'll talk about it shortly. >>> >> the city homicide detective was killed and who the police have in custody. >>> powerful and deadly, a drink making waves on college campuses and it could have horri
Oct 31, 2010 9:00am EDT
the president and his party and the legislative priorities. >> pennsylvania, republican pat toomey, democrat joe sestak. >> he was supposed to win this in a walk. it is very close. >> you have a michelle obama going on monday to philadelphia where they are trying to energize the voter base. >> is that helping the democrats? >> yes. >> wisconsin, and, russ feingold. >> tossup. >> gone. >> california. it looked good for boxer. >> better. >> amazing story about these two high-powered executives trying to buy -- they just do not sell with voters. >> jerry brown will win the governor's race, right? >> you do not have an advertisement the talks thus logically about the 1980's and then have jerry brown, out and say, "yes, i was governor that." -- then." [laughter] >> she spent $165 million or so, meg whitman, but she has a turnout operation of her own, and it worries me. it in places that are tied, if she has a good machine -- >> 10 points behind. >> kentucky looks like rand paul. finally, alaska, this is a beauty. joe miller is the sarah palin candidate, lisa kerlikowske gets beat, but she is a write-
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Oct 24, 2010 12:00pm EDT
senate race, where republican pat toomey, himself a former congressman is now in a tight race with congressman joe sestak. the current real clear politicsarm has toomey leading sestak by just two points. well within the margin of error. in recent history, pennsylvania has been a blue state. long-term republican and current senator arlen specter left the g.o.p. last year, becoming a democrat. a lot of folks think that was avoiding a g.o.p. primary challenge from toomey. that he wound up losing the democratic primary to sestak. pat toomey is chris wallace's exclusive guest today on "fox news sunday," where he dismissed his opponent's attempt to compare him to congressional republican candidate christine o'donnell in neighboring delaware. >> i don't think people fall for that. this is silly. joe sestak is so worried about his own record, he is trying to run against somebody i never met and don't agree with. who is extreme here? joe sestak is to the left of nancy pelosi. that is no exaggeration. >> shannon: toomey held on to the lead for much of the campaign season but sestak has
Oct 31, 2010 11:00am EDT
sestak trailing pat toomey. ron allen live in philadelphia. what are we seeing on the ground there? >> well, the situation mirrors nevada here in the sense of get out the vote. that's what it's really all about. especially for joe sestak if he will pull this race out. the democrats have a huge registration advantage here. but there is a big enthusiasm gap as well. pat toomey has been leading throughout the fall. the latest poll has him up seven points which is outside the margin of error of five points. his message very simple. less government, more jobs. he's a fiscal conservative who has been running around the state all over the state, trying to, again, just say that joe sestak is an accomplice. a word from an ad, of obama and pe pelosi, and that seems to be resona resonating. >>> president obama's last-minute campaign blitz continues. last night he appeared in chicago. today, he's in ohio. dnc chairman tim kaine say that democrats are still behind their president. >> i think the president has got solid support among democrats that i see. the president is going to be the democra
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